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Our Services

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Our Commitment

Awaken Partners collaborates with the world’s highest achieving investment firms and companies.


We journey together to achieve high-value results from strong ESG management practices.

Our team has extensive experience in transaction advisory, operational engagement, and investor relationships, all of which make us value-add partners to private market investors and companies.

Current Investor Offerings

We provide the following services to private market investors based in North America and Asia:

Buy-Side Advisory
Diligence Potential Deals

We Help Clients Answer:

  • What are the key threats to this company's license to operate in its current and target markets?

  • What governance standards does this company abide by? Are they sufficient?

  • What is the environmental impact of this company's operations?

  • What legal and regulatory hurdles restrict this company's ability to grow?

  • What is this company's capacity to manage ESG and financial risks?

  • What ESG opportunities will boost this company's valuation at exit?

Sell-Side Advisory
Prepare Companies For Exit

We Help Clients Answer:

  • What are U.S., European, and Asian PE/VC investors searching for in their target investments?

  • What short-term and long-term initiatives will boost this company’s valuation?

  • What ESG risks does this company face today? What risks will it face in the future?

  • What does the buyer and seller universe look like for this company?

  • How do I achieve an enterprise valuation versus an asset valuation?

Deal/Capital Introduction
Scale Investments Quickly

We Help Clients Answer:

  • What are potential acquisitions for my firm’s current or planned private equity platform?

  • What customers, product lines or end-markets can my firm acquire?

  • Should I search for tuck-in or bolt-on acquisitions (or both) and what are the best geographies to target these opportunities?

  • How should I approach a potential acquisition target in the ASEAN region?

  • What is the cash flow, margin and valuation uplift to my platform from a potential deal?

The Awaken Difference

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