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Awaken your investing and operating process with ESG solutions

Awaken Partners is a dedicated ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) consulting and advisory specialist for corporate, private equity, venture capital and family office clients.

About Awaken Partners

Dedicated to Risk Mitigation.

Dedicated to Value Creation.

We partner with world-class investors and operators to identify ESG risks impacting investment returns. Our global private equity and capital markets experience enables our clients to use ESG criteria to unlock additional value for their investments and the communities they serve.

Why conduct ESG Due Diligence?

Private market investors must integrate ESG into their investment process.


Investors Care

Don't Get Left Behind

  • Over 2/3 of globally surveyed LPs in 2022 said their organisations' investment policies include an ESG approach.

  • 85% of those LPs have an ESG policy fully or partially implemented in private equity.

  • 80% of LPs plan to increase ESG reporting to requests to GPs by 2025.


What's At Stake

Protect Investment Value

  • Failure to address ESG risks can cause revenue declines (e.g. negative press, customer boycotts).

  • Failure to address ESG risks can increase costs (e.g. regulatory fines, employee walkouts).

  • Failure to address ESG risks can hinder exits and capital raising (e.g. shareholder lawsuits, next buyer fears). 


Long-Term Value Potential

Enhance Returns

  • Energy and material resource optimization saves companies of all sizes hundreds of millions of dollars each year and provides margin boost and revenue acceleration.

  • Awaken's cost savings are amplified by multiple expansion generated from social and governance improvements during the investment period.

ESG Focus Areas

The Awaken team tailors each investment ESG due diligence engagement to its client's needs.

Each of our ESG categories has up to five areas of primary focus:



Climate Change

Pollution & Waste

Resource & Land Use

Ecological Footprint

Impact on Biodiversity



Health & Safety

Product & Consumer Responsibility

Community Impact

Diversity & Inclusion

Labor Standards & Human Rights



Corporate Governance

Anti-Corruption & Bribery

Risk Management


Business Ethics

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